Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hard to believe he’s a tween now

This is a big announcement and I apologize that you are hearing about it 25 days later but mini-me celebrated his 11th birthday. Oh man, it was sooo kewl (translation for the old folks: cool)!! He was allowed to invite 12 friends bowling. This was the 1st do it himself party. What I mean by this is I gave him two options to choose from for his special day and I stood back and allowed the tween to decide. We chose the same bowling alley where he attended parties earlier for two classmates. His invites were the coolest. They read, ‘KT strikes 11!’ with a bowling pin set. He was even given an autographed by everyone who attended and the party host bowling pin that is hanging out in my kitchen. I’m proud that he’s arrived at the next milestone in his life still my handsome, respectable, honor roll earning little BIG man. Check out the awesome cake below courtesy of Publix. 


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