Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random but Essential Words

I spent Monday morning assisting with makeup testing for the FCAT. Sitting and watching students like a hawk is a dreadful task but it allows me to catch up on my reading. As I filliped through the pages of my favorite magazines random words stuck out in the articles I was reading so I begin to jot them down and here is what I came up with:
  1. HAIR (extended post coming soon) Cropping it gave me a sense of freedom. I felt liberated! Yes, there was the fear men wouldn’t find me attractive but that isn’t the case. Although I do receive more compliments from Non Blacks than I do from my own people or even sisters. What’s up with that?
  2. FASHION I am no longer addicted to shopping (though I still do so for really special occasions) but I’m not a puppet on strings for trends, styles or the latest must-haves. I have enough. No that’s inaccurate. I have more than enough! I can go months without wearing the same outfit during any season. I’m not boasting. Admit it blessed is blessed. I’ve learned that clothes were only a protective layer of the real me just like the bouncing and behaving hair. I can take a piece from Target, Wal-mart (ok so I’m not going to shop there anymore) and Forever 21 and step out looking well pulled together and magazine ready.
  3. PARENTING  The month of June my life was forever changed. I’m getting all teary eyed just thinking about KT’s birthday. Wooowwwwiiiiieeee! It didn’t start out that way. Maybe I’ll blog about that later but right now this is a happy blog. Those dark days are over and I’m now in a place of bliss. Ten and a half years later, I’m waiting to be asked to become a spokesperson for single moms .  Hmmm, maybe I should start working on this organization that will celebrate moms and dads who didn’t quit. One important factor in my success is my mom. Guess I’ll make her #4. J
  4. MOM She was also a single mom during my younger years. Before you judge… you a minute to rethink what you’re thinking - please know that we both have achieved many goals. Mother is the strongest, most reliable, honest, will put her kids first and does so even now and we’re all adults with our own kids, loving, anointed to preach the gospel, can get a prayer through with a beautiful heart and head of hair to go with it extraordinary woman that I will ever know. So my son is reaping the great parenting skills that I received. Thanks my fair Lady, you are the wind beneath your daughter’s wings. Love ya!
  5. LOVE Please see previous blog post. I’m just kidding. There are many forms of love. I’m currently absorbed in self-love. I have learned to say No can’t do. Sorry, I’m studying, relaxing or hanging with the kid. Before I felt like a superwoman because I was engaged in TOO many things and looking fantabulous to onlookers who cheered on my juggling act. Today the To-Do list consists of things I really want to be a part of, my God given and approved dreams and what brings me joy.
  6. EDUCATION This heading should read World Class. Knowledge that can’t be taken from me. Truths. Facts. Ideas. Success. Accomplishments. Stretching. Growing. Evolving. Leadership. Teaching. Discovering. From the moment I learned to read and write growing up in the quiet town with one stop light and courthouse in the center of the main streets, I struck gold. I’m a curious individual and learning feeds my inquisitive nature. My 91 year old grandmother calls me her ‘College Girl’ & my friends say I’m a ‘career student’. Either way ain’t no stopping me now I’m on the move.
  7. RELATIONSHIPS At the beginning of this year I decided to practice the spirit of goodbye. This included friends, family members, like family, desiring to be virtual friends (funny, huh?), potential dates or whatever category the person fell into. An accurate description of me would be I’m a caring and loving individual. I love being the life of the party but the spotlight is exhausting. As a matter of fact, it was! So I no longer work to maintain relationships being groomed only by me.  They say love is a two way street. Once I realize I’m the only one taking the drive it is time to save some gas. Side note: This doesn’t mean that I love any of you less, I just love me more and value my time.
So there you have my random thoughts inspired by everyday words. I almost feel bad there are seven words instead of eight. I get hung up on even numbers. I don’t know why just another random thing about me like this post. I like it. Hope you do to. If not I’ll be sure to randomly come up with another topic soon.
~dIvA mOm~

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