Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It has taken me a while to write this post. I started days ago. It was long before the girls arrived in time for our fantastical weekend. It just came to me suddenly as I went about my daily routine one day in my apartment. Like an epiphany, with clarity and confirmation that I was experiencing another upward level of my best life. After harboring hurt and resentment for so many days, weeks, months and years my life had finally come full circle in the area of forgiveness. As I pondered this I began to think about you, my readers. I asked myself if you were also living in a place of tranquility and if not how would my story assist with you arriving to your own place of bliss.

The dIvA mOm has experienced major disappointments and letdowns. I know you’ve been hurt before, right? Silly question, I know. Often times we pretend that we are superhuman beings. We act as if it didn’t really matter when it did or that it does when it really didn’t. It’s our coping mechanisms. If you answered yes, at this moment we officially have something in common (smile). What did you do about the hurt? Where did the pain go? Is it still lingering someplace? Does it have any influence on the person you are today? Why so many questions today? I want to encourage you to think about the state of your heart. There are many self-help books about positive thinking, talk-shows that encourage us to change our thoughts and clean out our past. And there is also a book that has caused much controversy but I believe it. The BIBLE. It speaks of forgiveness in Luke 6:37b: Forgive, and you will be forgiven (as well as in many other scriptures). I’m not trying to preach but it is as simple as 1+1 = 2. If you let go of the wrongs that have been done to you, others will reciprocate when you or I mess up. AND WE WILL! Simple truth.

After hanging out on Twitter the day of Tiger Wood’s press conference and reading the comments posted, I concluded it is imperative that we learn to forgive. Why? Forgiveness isn’t about the other person but all about you. He’s ready to move forward. Are you? Acknowledging that a bad choice was made is good but forbidding it from entering into your future and residing over the rest of your life is great. Bishop Noel Jones tweeted today: “You're not living to go backwards; you're living to go forward. You have to leave the past behind. Take its lessons but not its pain.” This quote captures the truth of how cancerous grudges can be. Allowing someone to live in your heart, mind, life and control you without their knowledge is absurd. Look at it this way. They are bad cells (cancer). If you knew there were bad cancerous cells living in your body, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to rid yourself of them (even if ridding yourself of them was painful)? It is the same with bitterness. It’s emotional acid eating away at your very being. Wreaking havoc on the wonderful person you are and preventing the world from experiencing all you have to offer. I challenge you to live for your future. Begin planning for the best years of your life that are still ahead. If the person or event isn’t included in the destination you are headed to à dismiss them!!!! Take a deep breath. Exhale. Feel the sun. Walk away from the past and sail happily into the future.

Forgiving because I’m forgiven,
 ~dIvA mOm~

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