Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dreaming with Balance

President’s Day was a great day. I didn’t do much and that’s what made the day super duper great. As I mentioned in my first post, I’m a mom, reading coach and graduate student. At this point, I’m sure you are thinking: “Why wasn’t she doing homework on her day off?” I have an answer for you. Dreams don’t happen overnight (ahhhaa moment). Yeah, yeah, you know this already. So did I but I failed to live daily with this knowledge. It wasn’t until recently that I decided that life happens at its own pace. Besides, I enjoy playing Wii with KT and board games. I enjoy reading novels and fashion magazines (although I have tons to catch up on dating back to Summer 09). The past two nights I’ve stayed awake long past 3am reading Jacquelin Thomas’ novel 'The Ideal Wife' (no time for reviews because I haven’t finished yet). No amount of staying up all day and night, giving up every ounce of my social life nor sleeping in the library will cause my dreams to come true overnight.

Here is where I am going to lose a few readers. I’m speaking directly to single moms and dads like me who are juggling too many hats (but you enjoy the challenge). I emphasize single because there are different types of single moms and dads. There are those whose world centers around the kid or kids, work and possibly school. There are those who are recently divorced so being a single lady or man is new to them. They have their old friends, play dates and afternoon shopping after lunch or golf dates at the country clubs with the boys. There are also those who are single in every way. No kids, no school, working at their dream job and driving a cute Audi (enjoy yourself). Regardless of the responsibilities we have, we each need to take time to be rejuvenated and renewed.

Why don’t I find a balance you ask? Thunderous applause: I have! I’ve decided to put my dreams first. The dream to live for HIM, to be a magnificent mom, to teach online and pursue my final degree. I visualize myself at the finish line. Chanting: YES I CAN!! I write my name with Ph.D after my last name. This also means that I’ve learned to say NO! Are you thinking you can’t because they need (emphasis here) you and no one else can do as good a job as you? News Flash: you are wrong!! Build someone else up so that you can have a break which leads to balance. I recently retired from teaching Sunday school for a few months. No, I am not going to hell because of this decision, LOL! I’ve made this decision before and returned when my plate wasn’t so full. I have 3 invitations for next weekend but can only attend one event (maybe two).

The point is you have to decide what you want to accomplish and zero in on the finish line. Nothing last in this life but the legacy you leave. What will it be? Do you without losing you along the journey. What are you waiting for? DREAM but remember to occasionally clear the calendar.

~dIvA mOm~

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