Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful Friendships & Birthdays

I just recently celebrated my birthday. The amazing thing is I didn't celebrate alone. No, no what I mean is that I share my birthday month with 3 other outstanding ladies that I met at different points in my grade school career. My BBF Q and Cousin Geraldine (not her real name) met in Kindergarten. Peg (not her real name either) and I met in MS (don't quote me on this). What I do know is that we formed a bond and called our group the E.B.S.  The Educated Black Sistahs were all the brainy girls on campus who loved books more than boys. At the time, it was a cool high school group of girls that hung tight. What we didn't know was how prophetic our label would become. Side note: if you dare to dream, speak those things and work diligently to make them your reality.

Fast forward to many years later (Gotcha! A Lady never tells her age, lol!) and we are still getting together to celebrate. Shocking, I know. The media would have you believe that women can't get along especially black women. We are portrayed as if we are always in competition and catty. I can make a list a mile long; maybe longer of the stereotypes that have been placed on women & friendships. Instead of wasting words on negativity, I'd rather use this post to salute the women who are coming to visit this weekend. Women who are accomplished in their respective careers, full of life, filled with love and ready to go to war for a sister-friend if needed.

We've laughed, loved, cried, stood for each other in marriage, cheered each other on through undergrad and graduate school, celebrated births and deaths. We've made friends and contacts from each other's social networking circle. Many of my closest friendships were branches from these friendships. We've shared clothes, had sleepovers (you are never too old), swapped beauty and fashion tips. The list is limitless but memorable. The sistership we've established has stood the test of time. This weekend as I host these amazing ladies, I find myself teary eyed thinking about where we started, our current status and where we are headed. There is my dream BIG challenge again.

I couldn't ask for a better support group. I never dreamed our bond would be as it is but selflessness has enabled us to maintain the E.B.S. and the code names given (chuckling). As we gather to celebrate the start of our new year (better late -our birthdays were in January- than never) 80), I hope they will enjoy the time away from the everyday grind, that they will enjoy the peace here in my home and we take a moment to plan & recommit to being even more GLAMOROUS this year than the previous. As the hostess, I am ready to show these ladies how much I love them, appreciate them cheering me on and putting up with my not so diva mom moments [True Confession].

Happy Birthday to Us,        
~dIvA mOm~

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