Friday, December 31, 2010

The Nutcracker Two

Just wanted to give my followers who enjoy my love for a good fashion show a few pics of what I wore. Let me know what you think. I decided against the traditional black tie attire and realized after seeing the pictures I looked churchy. Now for me that was bad but for the folks who came in jeans and Converse I was well dressed.
I found these cute earrings at a Goodwill for about $3. Please ignore the breakout sessions happening on my face. Ugggh I am no longer 16 but my face doesn't know my true age. I cleanse, moisturize and I still have stress breakouts (thanks grad school for a right now ROI). Suggestions to combat this problem?
This brooch was another great find at a different Goodwill or local thrift store. It set me back about $3, maybe less. Yes, I hit up all up the thrift stores in my area. I've learned to watch the color tag sales and what is discounted on the day of a visit. I recently found a ring at H&M that will make me look silly like I have a complete set of gold and faux pearl stuff..hummm. 

Found this clutch at a local Salvation Army. I thought it was the cutest navy blue thing (since I love blue) and versatile; hence the pics with the handle outside and inside. What do you think? I hope to collect a few more clutches in 2011. 

Oh I almost forgot to mention the skirt seen here in my first post about the night was also thrifted. 

Enjoying my Secondhand Style, 

MCB Presents: The Nutcracker

Whenever I have an extended amount of time off, I try to plan a few activities that KT and I wouldn't normally get to do because of my work and school schedule. Last year I wanted to see a performance of the Nutcracker and vowed to save up so we could see it. Well the dream came true!

One of my son's Christmas gift was seeing the Miami City Ballet perform a rendition of the Nutcracker. Can I say it was absolutely magical?? IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL!! Prior to departing we had dinner with our extended family and then headed down to The Adrienne Art Center for a family evening of magic, love and dreams coming alive on stage as the performers pirouetted and Marie took us on a journey to see a celebration of things like Spanish Hot Chocolate and Arabian Coffee. I wanted to share a few memories captured of the event. Of course, I was afraid to take my camera out inside the theater, tee hee heee (: Mini-me thanked me for taking him and said he really enjoyed the show. What a well-rounded young man I have.

Mother and Son Night Out

He's super-excited about the show o_O
Dancing is art!
On the street by the advertisement for performance.

Dancing my way into 2011,

Out With The Old in With The NEW!

It is with great anticipation that I say good-bye to 2010.
There were some good days and some bad days this year.
Some of it my fault, wrong decision making and some just happened.
You know when life takes a wrong turn and
you just need to go along for the ride. What I can say is that
GOD has been faithful!
I am in awe of HIS love for me despite my flaws.
As I embark on a new year
I am excited to have you,
my readers along for the ride.
Be prayerful!
Plan and set goals.
Be safe tonight!
Be loving.
Be loved.
Experience a new year.

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Won!!

As you can tell from the long list of blogs I follow, I am addicted to reading about the lives of others. See you thought I only cared about mine (: I stumbled upon Linka Living  during one of my late night reads. The blog is full of warmth, beautiful photos and cute fashion. She even does giveaways. Recently for CHRISTmas she was giving away this jewelry and guess who won? Nope, boo hoo. Guess again....Ok, I'll tell you (turns cartwheel in my head) I did. Yep, GOD favored me through this blog and I won those gorgeous pieces. I can't wait for them to arrive. I found a blazer today at the thrift store that will be a perfect match. Stay tuned for a future divamom's work look since I'm heading back to the classroom next week. No worries though I'm feeling lucky (giggles).

Until next post,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These are a few of my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E things

As 2010 draws to a close I decided to share what has become a few of my favorite things in the past few months. Since we have 5 days left in the year I selected 5 items to share with my readers. This is in no way an encouragement to go out shopping! As a matter of fact, I forbid you...just kidding. Please let me know where you find great sales and thrift treasures so I can window shop (:

Here is my list in no particular order:

1.My new Android Samsung Vibrant. Yaaassss that is the beautiful Alek Wek as my background pic. I'm motivated to be fab because she's seriously fantabulous! I switched to android from a Blackberry and I can tell you that I'm pretty pleased. I must admit that I do miss BBM and the qwerty keyboard but the media side of this phone is phenomenal. 

2. Cup of tea anyone? I prefer tea over coffee on any given day. My favorite is Vanilla Chai and Madagascar vanilla read. I love sipping a cup of tea early on a Saturday morning, sitting on my patio with my faced turned towards a freshly awakened sky. The aroma transports me and helps to relieve the stress. Do you have a favorite tea? What's your preference of the two beverages? 

3. I love my NY & Co skinny jeans for a few reasons. My top reason is they fit like a glove but they give, they stretch and they allow me to move and now feel like my knees are locked up. I purchased them a few months back with a coupon plus my educators discount with id. They length of jeans are extremely important to me so when I found my size in a long I was ecstatic! I now have a pair of jeans I can wear heels with and the jean reach or touch the top of my show. 

4. One would think that I have no time for pleasure reading (honestly, I don't) but when I do I usually catch up on magazines and young adult literature or just the many books I have lying around my apartment. I just rediscovered a novel The Dewbreaker by Edwidge Danticat that I misplaced a year ago. I can't wait to reread it. There is no way at this point I can pick up where I left off because I was in the middle of the book. Does this ever happen to you?

5. and last but not least...a girl's other best-friend (drum roll please)..lipstick. Amazing that I began wearing makeup 6 months ago. I started out watching YouTube tutorials recommended by my BFF and from there I started following blogs about makeup and tweets. Now I can honestly say that I am becoming more comfortable enhancing my beauty and learning daily with practice what works and does not work. I treated myself to a new lip-color by MAC called Syrup and I LOVE this tube of pink. See for yourself.

P. S. I know I said 5 things and there's a lip moisturizer in the picture with the lipstick but my BFF swore by this lip balm during our last birthday celebration. If there is one thing I've learned is that lipstick doesn't look good on dry chapped lips. Air kisses!

What are your five favorite things at the moment? I'd love to hear from you. 

Monday, December 27, 2010


One of my goals for the final run of 2010 was to reach 50 followers before 01/01/11. One thing I've learned about blogging is no one wants to read your blog when you aren't reading and commenting on the writing of fellow bloggers. Some of you have been with me from day one, others joined along the short but very pleasant ride and others have recently discovered my journey here. I am grateful to each of you for being a part of my goal manifesting.


I am looking foward to what the upcoming year holds for me to share with you. Thank you again for stopping by and may your lives be enriched as I share my journey as a divamom as honestly as I can. New goal is to reach 100 blog soon... yes really SOON!

With love & heartfelt appreciation,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas with Love!

Today we hope that you are enjoying the fellowship of family and friends. Thank you for being a part of my readership. I am grateful for your support as a new blogger sharing randominess =) I hope Santa delivered everything on your list. I'll let you know soon what I found under my tree. 

Merry Christmas,
~diVamOm~ & KT

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

I was listening to Pandora this morning and a song came on that I haven’t heard since forever. I got all warm and fuzzy insdie and started thinking about….wait this is a blog not a personal diary so I won’t even reveal.

Enjoy the music and be careful if you ain’t booed up that you don’t pull out the Blackbook.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dressing for Me

Sunday I decided to wear another thrifted look inspired by fellow blogger The Fashion Officer. I think I did well for my first attempt at putting together a look that didn’t come from the mall. What do you think?

What I did get was lots of compliments and few stupid (yes, my mother taught me not to say this “bad” word but….) one. I had someone come up to me and asked me who was I dressing so sexy for. WHAT?! *silence*

Let me go ahead and do this PSA for people who are like-minded. I am not going to hoard things and wait until some guy finds me and says I'm attractive to look and feel good about ME. I refuse to teach my son that being a single mom means boring, waiting and that he’ll only find completion with another human being. 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the look. I included a shot of my photographer. He’s the most amazing guy ever!

Air Kisses, 

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Flood

Today was my first day on Christmas Break. My plan was to take my son to make cookies and take his annual Christmas photo with the Witters, our extended family. I got up around 7:30, called into the prayer line, showered and prepared to get the kiddo ready to be dropped off so I could have a few hours to myself. 

Suddenly, I hear this steady flow in my bathroom. At first I thought I left the shower on because I had gone to bed really late last night after submitting a paper for my Organizational Management and Leadership class so leaving the shower on was a possibility. It wasn't on. Then I thought the neighbors upstairs were taking an extra extra extra long shower (what did they do last night??). I even checked my son's bathroom and found nothing. The sound continued and traveled inside my bedroom. I look up and see nothing,  nada, zilch. 

I sit on the bed preparing to dismiss it and that's when the seed of Chucky delivers a horrible gift. A pipe has burst in the apartment above me and is leaking inside the walls. I immediately call the leasing office and the maintenance man comes right over to shut off the valve.

I made a mad dash to my closet to ensure all was well and thanks be unto GOD it was. Actually, despite the rain on my sunny winter South Florida day I was able to still smile. You see the leak only occurred in the bathrooms and outside the doors of the bathrooms as well as in my bedroom in a corner by the window. I did have some bags of clothes, shoes and other goodies for the Goodwill there but I was able to move them before they were damaged. 

I was amazed the leak traveled over my dresser and tv and ended up in a spot where there was absolutely nothing to damage. I threw up my hands and gave GOD thanks. All the prayers I've prayed and figured my neighbors heard me doing and thought I was probably calling up demons availed much for me today. I appreciate GOD showing me that yes HIS protection is always available no matter the situation. 


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Community Service

Food & Decor

Tree w/ gifts for the families

Decor Outside Patio 

Saturday was a rainy day all day but warm inside my heart. I spent the day with my fabulous sisters from National Coalition of 100 Black Women at our local chapter's annual Christmas party. The hostess always provides a beautiful atmosphere with delicious food. The fellowship is fun and jovial. Even more importantly is participating in sponsoring two families. They chosen recipients are always single moms. Whoo hoooo to single moms who are grinding! There was the cutest little two year old angel whom I fell in love with at first site. Her mom suffers from Sickle Cell. It was a treat giving to her and her daughter. They cried.We cried and gave out hugs. I snapped photos for our archives and even encouraged the baby girl to open a gift. If only you all were able to see the excitement as she opened her See N Say from Fisher Price. I thought to myself, "this little angel loves learning!" 

Baby girl in the form of an angel
During the time for our luncheon, the rain stopped and the sun peaked from behind the clouds for a split second for me to take a few personal South Florida December weather pictures. This event was so rewarding for me!!!!! I remember when I first moved to South Florida....alone, no family. For the first few years, I was the single mom who was sponsored by someone (it was a private sponsorship) in the church. My church family was very very VERY supportive. It helped out tremendously...Whew (wipes brow). Y'all know beginning teachers don’t make much :) I've made extended family connections through the ministry. Now 6 years later, I'm on the giving end and I'm proud of myself, acknowledging GOD'S hand at work in my life that I was able to grow from being the recipient of a much needed helping hand to helping someone in need who I pray will later pay it forward.  

Thrifted earrings

Thrifted Handbag
Sequined Tank (Forever 21) and Skinny Jeans (NY & Co) all poolside

It truly is better to give than receive,


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Freedom Friday, Fa La La La La La La!

I’m late posting this because I started classes last week. My intentions were to get it up on a Friday as it was a Friday look. I mixed a bit of thrifted pieces, my new cowgirl boots and a favorite pair of skinny jeans from Banana Republic or  NY & Co.  I had a student take these in the stairwell during class change. I’ll do a post soon to show off my REAL photographer. Hope you like:
Looking for an Escape!

The Reading Teacher


Thrifted cashmere sweater, blouse and belt

Thrifted Pierced Pearl Cluster Earrings
Thrifited Blouse

A friend posted this: “Tis the week to be jolly. Fa la la la la la la la la. Teachers smiling down the hally. Fa la la la la la la la. Today we begin Christmas break. Fa la la la la la la la la. Two weeks off I can not wait Fa la la la la la la la la!!!” as her status on Facebook and I just needed to share it with all my educators who are super elated that Friday 12/17/2010 when the final bell or music played it signaled FREEDOM for two weeks. As Chrisette Michelle so eloquently titled her album, let’s all Let Freedom Reign. 

Enjoy your holidays!

Songs for the Holidays

Yay! There are only 7 days until Christmas. We finally got the tree up last night and hung our stockings.  Mini-me did a good job this year with the tree. I kept telling him how very proud I was of his work even though he wasn’t feeling well yesterday.
Mini-me putting topper on our Charlie Brown tree :)

One of my favorite things about the holidays is music. I have an iTunes playlist for almost every occasion. The day after Thanksgiving I get all giddy inside and break out the Christmas cds. Last year I was able to get a free holiday sampler on iTunes that contained 20 songs.

I thought what better way to share the holidays with my readers than to list 7 of my top 10 Christmas jams. This list is in no particular order:
1.     Go Tell It On the Mountain by Fred Hammond
2.     Let It Snow by Boys II Men
3.     Mariah Carey Merry Christmas cd is fantabulous
(SN: Congrats on the upcoming arrival of their twins and yes I said a song but..., lol!)
4.     The Mistletoe Jam by Luther Vandross
5.     Silent Night by The Temptations
6.     This Christmas by TobyMac
7.     This is Christmas by Luther Vandross

Our Christmas Tree Skirt

What are your favorite Christmas songs? Favorite album? 

Feliz Navidad,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Success Equals Stress.

I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful
lyrics by AUBREY DRAKE

I've been struggling with this for a minute. I'm a very persistent person. I've always dreamed BIG and will continue to do so. I can thank my mom for always telling me that I can walk out any dream or goal I have by keeping GOD first and working hard. What I am not understanding even after all the achievements of those who have gone before me to pave the way and my own success despite the odds that some say were stacked against me. Lately my work life has gone into a mad tail spin or at least I feel that way.

For me work should be about business. I don't go there to form relationships nor to be validated but I do expect pay for the work I render. I've listened to Bishop T.D. Jakes ministry tape Ten Commandments for Working in a Hostile Environment for years now. Do I believe GOD has a purpose for all the pain I've endured in my field. Of course! Does it make where I am any easier to endure? NOOOOO! What irks me beyond being irritated is what I'm dealing with. Is it job related? I'll let you determine that.

Me: "Hi, I stopped by to see if you need anything. Can I provide any assistance? How is the transition going?" (This person is new to the location)
Her: "No, but this weekend I was telling a friend about the clothes you wear and your eyeshadow."
Me: "Is this chick for real (in my head)?!?"

Me: Hi, can I speak with you about....?
Person: "Hi, Ms. Blue. You look nice today. I don't think you've worn the same thing twice (fakes laugh).
Me: "I just wanted to ask if....." (at this point I'm fuming!).

Random co-worker: How do you walk in those heels all day?
Me: " I wear gels." (I walk away like I'm on a runway even though my feet are hurting something awful, lol).

Random co-worker: "I decided to step up my dressing game after seeing my sisters looking professional."
Me: "Really?1 Glad I inspired you." Although I'm really thinking this is her job, her appearance and her presence in front of the students and she should do what makes her feel like giving 200% because for me I want to feel good, look good and give goodness to the clients I serve daily.

What I'm saying is yes, I like fashion. I love looking good and that is ingrained in me regardless of where I work. I do despise being looked at at as a Barbie and not for the quality work I bring to the table. If the individuals who are soooo busy counting my outfits would pay attention to my resume, track record on the job of accomplishments life would be much easier.

I wouldn't t be seconding guessing whether or not I should wear a certain thing to the office or if I should join the ranks of teachers who wear jeans, flip flops and ponytails (ok I took it too far). All I want is to not be scrutinized because of my looks. I want those who are intimated by me wearing a power look to either step up their game not just in the area of dressing but in giving to the students who are more important. This isn't the first time I've had to deal with this in places where I've been the only African American woman or there were a few of us in leadership positions.

Am I being arrogant? I hope not especially when these types of conversation take on a life and decisions are made about me based on these things.  My mom and I have had many discussions about this. She experiences the same thing with her hair. People asking is it real or can they touch it, as if a African American can't have naturally wavy hair. I asked mom why do I have to apologize to the world for being who GOD made me. Why do folks spend their time and energy participating in such silly things? There's so much more to this story but I'll stop here. I'd like to hear your advice on how you would handle this...and no I won't be cursing, kicking or slapping anyone.

Have you worked in a situation where you were singled out for non-job related concerns? What did you do to manage the hostile environment?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday's Best

I love Sunday's. One reason is I get glammed up for Jesus. Oh yes, I go all out on Sundays! I figure if I had an earthly man I'd put a lot of time and effort into looking fab. Wouldn't you? I remember hearing a message Juanita Bynum preached many years ago when she discussed how she would get up for prayer and prepare herself physically before entering into her prayer time. Initially I thought this was retarded but now that I’m “happily" single with a prayer life, I figured why not try it. I try to always wash my face and brush my teeth before I start talking in GOD's face  J.

Well I’m applying the same principal to Sunday worship. Especially when folks don’t know there is a dress code for work, church and other events. Get it together people. My big sister treated me to this skirt from Forever 21 in this picture. 

The second photo showcases my new hobby….thrifting. The belt and handbag were treasure at the Goodwill Boutique and the shoes were a purchase thanks to a fabulous fashion blogger who happens to have a heart for GOD at You can find her here Fashion du jour

The church is decorated so nicely for the holidays. I'm thinking about doing our Christmas/New Year's photo for a late card there. Maybe I'll stick with an eCard since folks have seen enough pictures of me and the kid, lolol! 

What is your go to dress code for Sunday mornings?


Painting the Town with Color


I love holidays but can't recall the last time I went to a Christmas party. This year I was invited to a semi-formal event and jumped at the chance to get out before my graduate courses became too intense. I swear this dress was sent to me by the thrift gods. Now if only I can have one of my favorite blogger's closet sent to me for my birthday. Meet Reiko the creator of GOD'S FAVORITE SHOES. I've been trying out my thrifting finds with her and she's been giving me the thumbs up. Now let's hope i don't develop an addiction such as the one she has, lolol!

I found this dress the day after Thanksgiving for a mere... well it doesn't matter what I paid for it. You will never find this anywhere else because it is sooo old. I'm sure my mother had one when she was my age or a lot younger. It fit great except for the chest area. Not because the dress was poorly constructed but because I'm poorly constructed in the chest area. Yes, I made a joke about myself. Mini-me picked my shoes and I found the handbag at Dots to top off the look.

My weird but long legs :)

Front "Flat" View

Apple Bottom Dress...YES!

Jacket for the nippy S Fla chill

@SamFineBeauty approved face

I'd say ur no longer a virgin! ;))) RT @KTsDivaMom: The makeup virgin is making progress, yes? Dec 11 2010 09:10:13 (Eastern Standard Time) via Echofon

Here's to my chic Christmas holiday party look for 2010!

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is...

Earlier tonight mini me and I began assembling our fake Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This week is exams for him at school so we won't be able to finish until Friday which is the official start of our winter break. Mini me is such a loving son. He's so full of holiday spirit that he encouraged me to write my list out for Santa. Well actually he said we should both make our list. I'm certain I'll only be picking up gifts for him but because I love dreaming I'm going to follow some of my other favorite bloggers and put my list out there in the blogsphere.

1. A Michael Kors Handbag in black or tan

2. A CANON digital  SLR camera

I know this is a pretty expensive Christmas list but I've limited how naughty I've been this year and really would be the happiest single mom on the planet if these things showed up between now and my birthday next month. Let's gooooo Santa!

What's on your list?

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